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Purpose and performance
start at the board


Get to know us

We are BoardCompanions, experienced executives who volunteer as board members in non-profit organisations (NPO), where we contribute with our management experience. 

An effective non-profit sector is essential in today’s society

The not-for-profit sector has a vital place in society. Not-for-profit organizations play a significant role in our economy, accounting for over 10% of GDP and 5% of employment. The sector also drives innovation and addresses issues that governments may not be able to fully tackle.  

Purpose and Performance Start at the Board

Driven by the dedication and passion of citizens, not-for-profits need a clear purpose and a track record of tangible results to thrive. BoardCompanions supports not-for-profits in enhancing their impact by focusing on effective leadership at the board level. Inversely, the business world can learn from the strong sense of purpose of NPO’s.  For us, in all boards, “Purpose and Performance start at the Board”.


BoardCompanions bridges a gap


As a group, we are dedicated to expanding the pool of board members. Through the organization of speed date events, we help passionate business executives to discover not-for-profits that align with their mission. Simultaneously, we help not-for-profits in finding board members with the ideal expertise. Our ultimate objective is to establish meaningful collaborations that generate genuine impact.


Adrienne Axler
Companion bij Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen

"By getting in touch with Vluchtelingenwerk, I got to know a very different world, populated by tremendously young, capable people who are committed to human rights and equality, rather than career or profit making. They are all people who work for refugees of all origins with an incomprehensible fighting spirit and dedication. I have tremendous respect and admiration for that."

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