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Find a new board member

Looking for a new board member?

Is your not-for-profit organization looking for a new board member with experience in the private sector? Then BoardCompanions might be for you.

We connect you with a motivated Companion who has experience as a manager in the private sector. We look for a good match between the needs of your organization and the strengths of the Companion.

Next call for applications

15 February - 15 April 2024
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Can your organization apply?

We look for organizations that meet the following criteria: 

  • The organization is pluralistic

  • Board mandates are unpaid

  • The board of directors has decided that governance can be improved

  • The board is looking for an external board member with management experience in the corporate world

  • The association has a minimum size, based on at least one of the following criteria: 

    • more than € 0,5 million turnover​

    • more than 5 permanent employees 

    • more than 100 volunteers

How can you apply?

We launch two call for applications a year. Is there currently no call open? Then contact us. You will be contacted when the next call for applications opens.

Fill in the online form before the deadline of the call for applications to apply for BoardCompanions. In the online form we ask some basic information about the organization, the board and what you look for in a Companion. 

Next steps

After submitting your application

A representative of BoardCompanions will schedule an intake interview with a representative of your organization. During the interview we acquaintance and we ask for some background information. We also discuss what profile of board member you're looking for.

2/ Leave the matching to us

Our team will do its best to match you with 2 or 3 Companions based on the needs of your organization and the strengths of the Companion. If we find good matches, we will invite your organisation to the speed date. Your participation will then be definitively confirmed.

3/ Participate in the speed date

During the online speed date, you will meet 2 or 3 Companions. You assess with which Companion there is a good match. You also talk about the possible project (or policy area) that the Companion can take on. We expect the president, general manager and/or the general coordinator to participate in the speed date. After the speed date, it is up to you and the Companion(s) to decide whether you want to continue the discussions. Inform BoardCompanions if a Companion takes up a mandate within the board of directors

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